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The Power Within Wing Chun Demo team gives current students a chance to showcase their Wing Chun skills and represent the school in public giving others a chance to see what Wing Chun has to offer.

The Demo team members are introduced to more advanced Wing Chun forms and exercises that are about there current grades. This inspires, excites and drives students to be the best they can be.


What the Demo Team offers you:

  • A chance to learn/ copy all the empty hand form

  • Learn more advanced exercises than your current grade 

  • Extra training time for free*



Eligibility/expectations of all Demo Team members 

  • Be at every Demo Team training session

  • They must be currently enrolled in the school and have all fees up to date 

  • Participate in Live Demos when they are organized




*With a once/twice a week payment option



Granny Smith Festival 2017
PWWC DEMO TEAMS FIRST DEMO Granny Smith Festival 2015
Granny Smith Demo
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