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Wing Chun is a style of martial arts that specializes in close-range combat with fast accurate powerful strikes delivered in quick succession. Wing Chun is a style that can easily be learned, quick to apply but can be continued to be studied for a lifetime. There is no limit to what you can learn and do with Wing Chun.

Wing Chun can be studied by male and female, all ages, all fitness levels and with no previous martial arts experience.

The history of Wing Chun, like many other styles of martial arts, is subject to a significant amount of debate and is filled with myths and legends (look under lineage and Masters for more information about some of the history of Wing Chun). What is known for sure is that Wing Chun was developed so that smaller less physically strong people were able to overcome stronger, larger opponents.

This is why Wing Chun is suitable for smaller people in general, especially women.


Wing Chun is guided by 5 Principles












  • movements are simple and uncomplicated.

  • based on natural body movements.

  • easy to learn and apply.



  • the shortest time and distance is taken to strike.

  • simultaneous counter-attack is used.


Economy of movement

  • the minimum necessary movement is used.

  • using the centre line guarding position, you can counter- attack with short, sharp movements.

  • efficient, economical movements help conserve energy.


Minimum use of brute strength

  • deflection rather than hard blocking.

  • opponents force used to their own disadvantage.



  • movements are designed for practical use.

  • techniques are not limited by restrictive clothing or confined spaces.


These 5 principles have been passed down from Sifu Jim Fung to all his students to follow and seek throughout their training. 

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