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Power Within Wing Chun teaches traditional Wing Chun with a mordern focus. We cover all elements of Wing Chuns external fighting abilities whilst grounding it in the internal art that makes Wing Chun so powerful and unique. Wing Chun is for young and old, male and female, fit or unfit, everyone can learn Wing Chun and have fun doing so.


Wing Chun is divided into two components the external martial side and the internal arts side. At Power Within Wing Chun we give all students a balance between the external and the internal in order for them to gain a better understanding of Wing Chun and to make them better martial artists.

We do this by giving students the opportunity to learn specific Wing Chun exercises, chi sau, and spa with other students. This is the foundation of understanding and using the external aspects of Wing Chun. The internal is taught throughout all exercises and forms the foundation of the higher levels.

By teaching both elements of Wing Chun students gain a deeper understanding sooner and are able to apply the art of Wing Chun sooner (for more information on the internal and external elements of Wing Chun please have a read of the power within Wing Chun blog). 


We provide all students with a friendly fun environment with instructors that give encouragement and direction for all students. All students are encouraged to talk to their instructors freely and openly about the training as well is discuss exciting new understandings of Wing Chun as well as the challenges that they face in the training with their senior and fellow students. 








Instructor Richard and Chloe teaching the next Generation at the 2017 Granny Smith Festive. 

Instructor Yvans work shop

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