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Instructor Heath:


Has been training Wing Chun since 2005 and has had previous training in Taekwondo many years ago.


Since 2005 Heath has trained non-stop to improve his skills. He's had the privilege in 2012 to train with Si Gung Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong and some of his top students.


Instructor Richard:


Has been training in Wing Chun since the age of 10years old – approximately 18years

Instructing for the last 8 Years.


Wing Chun Kung fu looking from an outsiders perspective is simply is a method of combat, however for those who experience it will know it is so much more.

Wing Chun to me is one of the most amazing and diverse concepts in life. It hosts an array of intriguing ideas, it teaches you to protect yourself and others; and it also challenges people about what they know of themselves and their abilities.


Anyone who is fortunate enough to practice Wing Chun should treasure every chance to practice it and harness its benefits which includes:


·         the physical elements of self-defence, fitness and coordination;

·         ongoing social elements of friendship, understanding and guidance;

·         the psychological elements which stimulates discipline, patience and humility

·         and the blended intangible elements of self-discovery, unlocking unseen       potential and building resilience


It is a skill, a hobby, an exercise, a way of life – something you can take with you where-ever you go and use in any part of your daily life through the positive times and through the negative times, once you give it a chance to flourish, it will be with you forever and you will find yourself fascinated in the possibilities.

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Si Hing

Si Hing Ken:

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