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The school logo is made up three distinct components, Dragon, the crane, and the rat.


The Dragon is commonly used in Chinese culture and represents strength, power and wisdom. It is the most powerful of all the Chinese creatures. This is why it forms a circle encompassing what is believed to be the two creatures that helped form the Wing Chun style.




Story behind the crane and the rat can be found in Sifu Jim Fungs book, Wing Chun Kung Fu -an effective and logical approach to self defence. This is our lineages account that is seen throughout Wing Chun, as such it makes a logo unique as it is telling the story of foundation of our lineage. For more information about this legend you can find more information about it in the blue book written by Sifu Jim Fung as well is the future blog topic on the Power Within Wing Chun blog.


The Crane

 Attack and defense at the same time. 

The Rat

A straightforward attack, minimal movement. 

Wing Chun

Wing Chun written in tradition Chinese Characters  

Chinese Dragon

Traditionally the Chinese Dragon symbolizes Strength and Wisdom. 

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