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  • Address our masters by their titles and teachers as Instructors

  • Always show Courtesy and Respect to all members of the school

  • Take care of the equipment and venue we train in

  • Bow to the Masters when you enter and exit the school and at the beginning and end of each lesson


Before Class

  • Provide your membership card for each lesson

  • Do not consume any of the following:

  1. Chewing Gum 

  2. Non-Prescription Medication

  3. Alcohol

  4. Smoking

  • Remove all jewellery

  • Notify An Instructor of any recent injuries or medical conditions

  • All students must participate in warm ups and warm downs


During Class

  • Listen and follow guidance from instructors

  • Ask relevant questions at any stage during training

  • Use equipment correctly and only as instructed

  • Always help and provide opportunity for other students to improve their training

  • Control yourself and do not strike others intentionally – do not use ego

  • Immediately notify instructors of any injuries or conditions that occur

  • If you need to leave, please advise an instructor


After Class

  • Help to pack away any equipment at the end of each class

  • Thank those you train with and say goodbye before parting


At all times enjoy your training!

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