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Power Within Wing Chun teaches traditional Wing Chun with a modern focus. We cover all elements of Wing Chuns external fighting abilities whilst grounding it in the internal art that makes Wing Chun so powerful and unique. Wing Chun is for young and old, male and female, fit or unfit, everyone can learn

Wing Chun and have fun doing so.

What can Wing Chun do for you?


Improve your fitness, push yourself as hard as you want to get the most out of your training. The harder you train the fitter you'll get.

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Wing Chun forces you to face up to your weaknesses and grow and develop self-confidence through overcoming challenges.

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Develop skills in dealing with other students at different levels and go through the Si Hing/ Si Je Course and teach others.

Personal Growth

Wing Chun grows with you and enables you to search for the path that fits throughout your martial arts life.

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