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#IGOTMUGGED is more than just about Power Within Wing Chun, it's about encouraging people to think about their own safety and ways they can better help improve their chances of preventing trouble and try to mitigate the chances of things such as mugging from occurring.

Just think about how you react when someone comes up and does something unexpected. Do you stand there and stare or smile awkwardly or just as bad over react?

#IGOTMUGGED is a simple and safe way of highlighting how you react and gets you to think about what you'd do in a situation where you actually do get mugged or worse.

What would you do??

To give you some ideas that you can use in your day to day life #IGOTMUGGED is connected with The PWWC Blog and up coming Situational Awareness and Risk Mitigation youtube series that will give you advice and ideas that may help prevent you becoming a target for a would be mugger or attacker.

Wingc kick deflection
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