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Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent way to build your focus, Self-Discipline and Self-Confidence, Leadership, Fitness, Adaptability, Situational Awareness, Team Trust, Respect, Wing Chun makes a great foundation for any type of corporate event.

We offer sessions of any duration from 2 hour to a full day however we can offer shorter events that can fit into larger events that you have organised, at special request. We come to you and include all martial arts equipment.



Be different;

Have you been tasked with organising an event for your team? Done all the usual putt putt and meaningless tablet games. Here's a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Core Module - Incorporate martial arts into a day designed to get your team working more like a team! Martial arts is a great tool to explain concepts of trust, respect, honesty and awareness of others in the workplace.

  • Situational Awareness - Looks at personal safety for staff focusing on Front line service personnel and ways to better deal with and prevent dangerous situations.

  • Wing Chun Fitness - This is for those who are really into fitness and pushing themselves. It incorporates Team building, Fitness, Fun and Wing Chun.

  • Cyber Security Awareness -  Simple measures everyone in a company can help prevent the dangers of hackers and data loss that can cause disruptions to company services.

  • Leadership - Leadership from a martial arts perspective.

As part of our Core Module we include a small work book with stretches and exercises that can be done at a desk that will help with improvement in focus and stress while at work helping to improve productivity and work performance.

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