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Granny Smith Festival 2017

The Annual Granny Smith Festival in Eastwood was our 3rd appearance and our must interesting.

This year we tried something a little different. We wanted people to interact more and ask us

questions and to walk away having learnt something that can introduce them to Wing Chun.

So we came up with the Wing Chun Wheel.

Wing Chun Wheel, Instructor Richard

Basically we had several Wing Chun exercises on the wheel mixed with a couple of give a ways. The movements we easy to perform and lots of fun. Even though that one something small had to do a Wing Chun exercise. And it was a big success with both kids and adults.

We had people come by and try out a little Wing Chun and hang around asking questions and getting involved which is a nice change from previous years. It showed us that there is a real interest in not just Martial arts but also Wing Chun. A big shout out to Chloe Our Elements student, for demoing the exercises and showing the kids there is nothing to be afraid of and surprising the adults with her skill. Excellent work, Thank you very much!

Chloe doing a demo.

We again had our #IGOTMUGGED mugs out and were popular with everyone. We had a few people win them on the Wing Chun Wheel. Here’s just a couple of our winners.

Wing Chun Wheel Winner, #IGOTMUGGED
Wing Chun Wheel Winner, #IGOTMUGGED

With every Granny Smith we are learning and getting better. People seem to be engaging with us more and having more fun. That’s what Wing Chun is all about. Learning and having fun doing it.

We hope to have an even bigger turnout next year. For all our students that showed up to help, Thank you all very much. For our friends that came by, it was great to see friendly faces and to catchup.

2018 Granny Smith will be even better. Maybe even a Demo again, we shall see.

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